Client pitch – initial plan


1. Annual debate on license fee has increased in intensity over the last couple of years due to steep increases in the license fee charge. This recent license fee debate requires the BBC to prove its worth. As such it is felt they need to carry out a more wide-reaching campaign of

  • Explanation of services
  • Awareness-raising of services

It is felt that the Big Screen could play a useful role in this campaign due to its prominent position in Leeds and the high amount of traffic it experiences as a result of this.


2. As such we plan to produce a selection of content which showcases the variety of BBC content and services available over their 3 main formats – television, radio and the internet (computer). Alongside these 3 formats we will also be highlighting the services of the Big Screen – noteable upcoming events as well as past successes (e.g. screening FIFA World Cup 2006)


3. Research into demographic of Big Screen footfall – varied:

  • weekday: business people/students/hospital visitors
  • weeknight: students/18-40 year olds – bars, restaurants
  • weekendday: families/students

Resulting from this initial analysis it was decided that the content should be designed to have broad appeal.


4. ‘Family’ of characters idea was formulated (television, radio, internet & big screen) to more obviously link the promotional content to the relevant delivery vehicle.


5. [Example ideas] – explanation – refinement of characters needs to take place to ensure they are likeable and not ‘annoying’.


6. New ‘characters’ will feed into creation of a new, stronger brand for the Big Screen – currently felt to be slightly undefined and weak.


7. Content will have a pseudo-interactive element, the characters will be animated into a sequence wherein they interact with each other, this sequence will then be broadcast over a live feed taken from Millenium Square so it will seem as though the characters are walking around in the Square.


8. Content will also have a real interactive element, the audience will be able to decide which character’s footage they want to view by the majority of them in Millenium Square moving to a point in the Square relevant to that character’s position on the screen – this movement will be picked up by the camera already present on top of the Big Screen.


9. Television – content will be a selection of AV material, each showcasing an element of the BBC’s television content – e.g. Sports, Kids, News, Drama etc

Radio – content will be a selection of audio-heavy material (accompanied with visuals) to showcase the wide variety of BBC radio available

Internet – content will take the form of informative videos pointing out the various extra interactivity that is available via the BBC website. E.g. BBC iplayer

Big Screen – content will take the format of a promotional video highlights reel


10. The element of people interacting with the screen should mean the content will have a greater impact as the audience will feel they have ‘chosen’ to watch it as opposed to just being subjected to it as they walk past.


11. Plan – rough timeline – explain it is tentative and possibly subject to change over the next week as more details are finalised regarding the project.



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