Jitter Bouncing Balls Mockup


Here is a short vid (no sound) of some shapes I made in Jitter (the visual part of MaxMsp) that react to eachother (ish) and bounce away and change speed.

The idea is to further this so that the Spheres react to images picked up from the live feed but that is still in progress.

A interesting effect that I will try to get a video of on here is that you can apply videos as textures to the shapes seen in the video. I.e, we could have some promo vid or whatever playing in each of the flying shapes. If it all works 😀

Edit: Here we go, same thing as before but with video mapped as a texture to the shapes. Made them 2d for clarity, different vids can be mapped to different shapes if you want, we need to keep in mind processing power though.


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