Meeting guidelines


Masters Group Project

Meeting guidelines and ways of working


  1. There will be 3 sub-groups, each sub-group will have a nominated ‘spokesperson’ who will take notes at each sub-groups’ meeting. The spokesperson will then email the notes from each meeting to Ash (
  2. There will be an early-warning system in place. If for any reason a group member cannot complete the work they have started or cannot attend a meeting then they need to give at least 24 hours notice (where possible) to the relevant ‘spokesperson’. In the case of work not being able to be completed the spokesperson will request for relevant group-members to assist.
  3. There will be a fixed agenda at each whole-group (catch-up) meeting, items for the agenda can be added before each meeting but there is a cut-off point (where reasonable) where agenda items cannot be added on the day of the meeting.
  4. There is a general agreement of ‘politeness’ at meetings
  5. Each group member will have a major and minor competency (e.g. Ash: major – project management. minor – audio)
  6. Minutes/notes will be kept of each meeting, Ash will create a template for the meeting notes for each spokesperson to use, the minutes of each meeting are agreed on and ratified at the end of the meeting.
  7. Meetings will be output-orientated with group members bringing examples of work to meetings.
  8. Meetings will be held twice weekly

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