Meeting – 03/03/08 – notes





Library 127


Seb, Paul, Parag, Vijay, Shazad, Lian, Matt, Richard, Ash, Pan



Items discussed:


  1. Agree agenda
  2. Finalise product
  3. Teaser Trailer update
  4. Artist liaison update
  5. Finalise group roles
  6. Update on final presentation spec
  7. Any other business
  8. Ratify minutes
  9. Next meeting


2. It was agreed that the product would take the following format:

  • 2-player game
  • At the start of the game each player selects a song they wish to hear (songs are provided by local bands)
  • The players then play a ‘pong’ style game
  • If a player wins the point then they are asked a question related to Leeds/local bands
  • If they get the question right then the song they selected at the start is played, if they get the question wrong then they return to the ‘pong’ style game to play for another point.

3. Seb will be leading on the trailer. The trailer will comprise the following elements:

  • Logo/Animation, Music, Video
  • Vijay will animate the logo designed by Shazad and Lian to go at the start and end of the trailer
  • Paul and Seb will compose music to soundtrack the trailer
  • Seb will shoot some ‘example’ footage in Millenium Square of 2 ‘players’ ‘playing’ the game, he will also shoot footage of the Big Screen for the sample footage to be layered onto.
  • Animated elements will be created to simulate what the game would look like.
  • Pan and Seb will combine all of the elements into the finished 30-second trailer.


4. Richard and Matt have received positive responses from around 10 artists, they are currently drawing up a release form – which they will liaise with Ash about. They aim to have around 15-20 artists signed up by the end of next week.

5. The group roles were agreed upon as detailed in the document circulated by Ash

6. Not addressed.

7. For the milestone 1 presentation the following group members will be involved:

·         Seb – will present the trailer

·         Richard & Matt – will present the artists who will be involved, this will be accompanied by some media feedback (vox pops or similar) with feedback from the artists/public about the project

·         Shazad & Lian – will present all advertising materials

·         Vijay – will discuss the animation of the logo

·         Ash – will explain the group roles and give the specification for the final presentation

Action points:

  • All branding and advertising materials to be completed by Friday – Shazad and Lian
  • All music to be composed for trailer by Friday – Paul
  • All video shot for trailer Friday – Seb
  • Release form completed by Friday – Richard, Matt and Ash
  • Logo to be animated into a short sequence – Vijay
  • Bands/artists to be contacted – Richard, Matt and Ash




Next meeting:

Friday 07/03/2008, 12:00-13:00, Library Room 127


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