Meeting – 07-03-2008 – Library Room 127 – notes






Library 127



Seb, Paul, Parag, Vijay, Shazad, Lian, Matt, Richard, Ash, Pan


Ben, Lian



Items discussed:


  1. Agree agenda
  2. Teaser Trailer update
    1. Video
    2. Music
    3. 3D
  3. Branding/advertising materials update
  4. Artist liaison update
  5. Final presentation spec update
  6. Milestone 1 presentation update
  7. Any other business
  8. Ratify minutes
  9. Next meeting


2.                  a.  Video – Seb has been to Millenium Square – the ice rink is still up – enquiries as to when it would be taken down indicated the square would be clear for shooting on Friday afternoon before a stage is put up for Saturday. Permission has been granted to shoot from the upper floors of the Electric Press.

                                                              i.      Pan has supplied Seb with a list of required shots and diagrams indicating where these can be obtained in the Square

b.      Music – Paul presented a 30-second clip, it was liked by the group as it was felt it was suitably interesting but would still provide an adequate bed if we wished to add any narration to the trailer

c.      Vijay presented his 3d modelling and animation of the logo character, it was liked by the group and he will create several different animation sequences displaying a variety of emotions

3.                  Shazad presented several designs for business cards and posters to advertise the project – he will liaise with Pan to get these printed onto suitable paper.

4.                  Richard and Matt have several artists already signed up, they have been liaising with Seb to get video interviews

5.                  Ash checked with the group as to what we expect to present in the final presentation

6.                  It was decided the presentation would be fully constructed and have a trial run-through next Wednesday afternoon – by which time all of the multimedia content would be complete

9.       The next meeting will be on Tuesday 11-03-2008 at 14:00 – Pan to book the room




Action points:

  • Trailer to be composited – Pan, Seb, Vijay, Paul
  • Final presentation spec to be written up – Ash
  • Artists who have agreed to take part to sign release form – Matt & Rich
  • Advertising materials to be produced – Shazad & Lian
  • Logo to be animated into a variety of ‘emotions’ – Vijay
  • Bands/artists to continue to be contacted – Richard, Matt and Ash



 Next meeting:

Tuesday 11/03/2008, 14:00-15:00, Library Room 131a


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