Meeting – 11-03-08 – Library Room 131a – Notes






Library 131a



Seb, Paul, Parag, Shazad, Lian, Matt, Richard, Ash, Pan, Ben, Lian







Items discussed:


  1. Agree agenda
  2. Teaser Trailer presentation
  3. Branding/advertising materials presentation
  4. Artist liaison presentation
  5. Final presentation spec presentation
  6. Milestone 1 presentation planning
  7. Any other business
  8. Ratify minutes
  9. Next meeting



2.                  Material for the trailer:

a.      All video footage has been gathered for the trailer – this includes ‘sample’ footage of 2 players ‘playing’ the game and some stills from Millenium Square.

b.      Several 3D animations have been produced showing the logo character displaying a variety of emotions

c.      Music has been produced to soundtrack the trailer.

                                                              i.      The narration has been recorded and added to the audio track

3.                  All advertising materials have been designed

a.      Feedback has been given and will be incorporated into the final design

4.                  Several bands signed up, more to be signed up by the end of the week. Video interviews have been conducted with the bands that have signed up

5.                  Not discussed

6.                  It was decided that Ben would lead the presentation with the following areas being covered:

a.      Group roles – to be presented by Ash

b.      Branding – to be presented by Shazad or Lian

c.      Artists – to be presented by Richard or Matt

d.      3D – to be presented by Vijay

e.      Music – to be presented by Paul

f.       Interactivity – to be presented by Ben

g.      Final presentation spec – to be presented by Ash






Action points:

  • Trailer to be composited – Pan
  • Advertising materials to be produced – Shazad & Lian
  • Specific parts of the presentation to be prepared – Ben, Ash, Shazad, Lian, Richard, Matt, Vijay, Paul
  • Continue to sign up artists – Matt & Rich




Next meeting:

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 12:00-14:00, Library Room 129


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