Milestone 01 – feedback


Feedback 01 – Key points:

  • Player to be able to choose between Pong or Question games
  • Cubes (BBC) logo was preferred as the most polished/professional
  • Logos for product and company should be separate (the company logo is not important)
  • Check for copyright issues on Pong game


Feedback 02 – Key points:

  • Presentation
    • Include more media elements
    • Handouts with branding
    • Branding to be included on all content
    • More enthusiasm
    • Rehearse what you’re going to say
  • Trailer
    • Wasn’t clear enough what the product was
  • Product
    • The group is behind on product development
    • Breakdown content
      • Identify and detail every contribution
        • E.g. how many minutes of audio required/supplied etc
    • Replayability? High scores record etc
    • How will songs be played back
      • What media will accompany them, how will it look
    • Higher standard of in-game, interactive audio
    • Music to match game
      • “Winning” music played
    • Define branding better
  • Milestone 2
    • Thursday 03-04-2008
    • Use whoever still hasn’t presented
    • Everything must be finished (“final draft”) to allow for final ‘tweaks’
      • Playable version of the game
    • New trailer
    • Well-defined list of roles and content being produced/work done
    • Complete set of marketing materials

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