Meeting 14/03/08 – notes






Library 127



Paul, Parag, Vijay, Shazad, Lian, Ash, Pan


Seb, Ben, Matt, Richard

Items discussed:


  1. Agree agenda
  2. Discuss feedback from milestone 1
    1. Game
    2. Audio
    3. Video
  3. Draw up detailed list of responsibilities
  4. Prepare milestone 2 presentation
  5. Any other business
  6. Ratify minutes
  7. Next meeting


2.                  a.  Game – Ben to confirm he can introduce a 3rd axis to the game (i.e. make it 3d)

b.      Audio – the following audio needs to be created:

a.      Sound effects for the character/logo

b.      Sound effects for the ‘in game’ action (impact sounds etc)

c.      ‘Winning’ music to be played when someone wins

d.      ‘Tense’ ambient beds to be produced for the quiz style game

e.      ‘Winning’ music to be played when question is answered correctly

f.       ‘Winning’ music to be played when player wins quiz game

c.      Video – A storyboard is needed for the trailer for milestone 02

3.                  Not discussed

4.                  Preparation will begin immediately for milestone 02 presentation

a.      18-03-2008 – Storyboard trailer for milestone 02 presentation and shooting list

b.      25-0305-03-2008 – All content to be handed over to Pan (3d, audio, video) for milestone 02 trailer

c.      31-03-2008 – Pan to deliver trailer and hand back to sfx team who will then synchronise the sound effects to the appropriate visual cues

d.     01-04-2008

                                                              i.      SFX track is handed back to Pan for final compositing

                                                             ii.      Powerpoint presentation is created

e.      02-04-2008 – Mock presentation

f.       03-04-2008 – Milestone 02 presentation

Action points:

  • Variety of music to be composed to be played ‘in game’ – Paul
  • SFX created for milestone 02 trailer and final game – Ash & Seb
  • Logo to be animated into a variety (10-15) of 3-second ‘stings’ – Vijay
  • Recording tracks with 2 bands – Parag, Matt & Rich
  • Copy for narration to be written and recorded – Ash & Paul
  • Deadlines for content required for game to be specified – Ben
  • Final advertising materials to be produced and branded powerpoint template to be created – Shazad & Lian

Next meeting:

Tuesday 18/03/2008, 11:00-13:00, Library Room 129.TBC


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