Meeting 18/03/08 – notes






Library 129



Vijay, Lian, Richard, Ash, Pan



Ben, Matt, Paul, Seb, Parag, Shazad


Items discussed:


  1. Agreed agenda
  2. Trailer format & requirements
  3. Documentary
  4. Milestone 2 requirements
  5. Game format
  6. Any other business
  7. Ratify minutes
  8. Next meeting


2.                  The trailer being prepared for milestone 02 will be 1.30 minutes (90 seconds) long, it was agreed that there would be 15 seconds of intro, 60 seconds of explanation of the product in the ‘body’ and a 15 second outro.

a.      Filming for the trailer will require 3 people plus Pan

                                                              i.      Parag and Vijay will attend, 1 more volunteer is required to film on Thursday 20/03/08

                                                             ii.      Pan to look into whether a risk assessment is required

b.      All content for the trailer (3d, audio) is to be submitted to Pan on Wednesday 26/03/08

3.                  Seb to update the group on the documentary and for editing to begin

4.                  Milestone 02 will be far more media-rich than any of the presentations to date, each type of ‘media’ present within the product will be presented, i.e.

a.      examples of all in-game audio – original music, sound effects and collected music

b.      3d animations – both in-game and for advertising purposes

c.      tutorial “demo” of the game – video walkthrough of how to play the game

d.      new trailer

e.      clips from the documentary – band interviews etc

f.       all branding, advertising and imagery

g.      Working model of the game

5.                  Ben needs to provide Pan with details of how the ‘quiz’ section of the game will look for inclusion in the next trailer.

a.      Ash and Richard will start to write up questions to be included in the quiz

6.                  Other Business

a.      Ash to get a detailed breakdown of how the marks are distributed from Richard and Simon

b.      Ben to update the group on requirements for content submission

c.      Name of the game to be decided on

Next meeting:

Wednesday 26/03/2008, Time and location to be confirmed


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