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Jitter Bouncing Balls Mockup

February 18, 2008

Here is a short vid (no sound) of some shapes I made in Jitter (the visual part of MaxMsp) that react to eachother (ish) and bounce away and change speed.

The idea is to further this so that the Spheres react to images picked up from the live feed but that is still in progress.

A interesting effect that I will try to get a video of on here is that you can apply videos as textures to the shapes seen in the video. I.e, we could have some promo vid or whatever playing in each of the flying shapes. If it all works 😀

Edit: Here we go, same thing as before but with video mapped as a texture to the shapes. Made them 2d for clarity, different vids can be mapped to different shapes if you want, we need to keep in mind processing power though.


Question for Ben

February 12, 2008

Would it be possible that each character has a set of say 3 possible videos or whatever that they could play – if the character is ‘chosen’ by the audience then one of these videos is picked at random. From my basic knowledge of Max I think this is probably possible but I thought I’d better check before I put it in the client pitch!

Max/Msp/Jitter Specs

February 7, 2008

“Although the Jitter architecture is general, it is highly optimized for use with video data, and performs with breathtaking speed. A robust set of mathematical operators, keying/compositing, analysis, colorspace conversion and color correction, alpha channel processing, spatial warping, convolution-based filters, and special effects deliver the building blocks for your own custom video treatments.

Jitter includes extensive support for Apple’s QuickTime architecture, such as the playback of all QT supported file formats, real- or nonreal-time file creation, editing operations, import/export capabilities, integrated real-time QT effects, video digitizing, QTVR, file format conversion, and more. QuickTime audio may be routed into MSP to exploit MSP’s powerful audio processing capabilities. For the production environment, Jitter provides support for digital video (DV) camera control as well as input and output via FireWire, and multiple monitor support for performance situations.”

Hope that’s helpful, please ask if you have any more specific questions about the programs. I’ll get an example of motion tracking in the next couple of days.


BBC Blast animation

February 6, 2008

Possible ideas for our own ident? – I particularly like the flash through the various delivery vehicles at the end of the animation

BBC Blast animation

BBC branding

February 6, 2008

BBC Radio brand updates

BBC blast

Big screen documentation

February 6, 2008

Below are all the documents that were circulated in meeting 02 – if you were absent then please ensure you read them.

Big screen content

Big screen consent

Big screen tech spec

Big screen faq

Big screen submission guidelines

Big screen case study

Pics for logo ideas

February 5, 2008


Non-linear music

February 5, 2008

Film Music Magazine article on non-linear music

Film Music Magazine article on ’empowering the interactive composer’

Big Screen information

February 5, 2008

Guidelines for content:

Research links

February 4, 2008
Here are some relevant links that Pan has sourced:


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