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Meeting – 11-03-08 – 14:00 – Library Room 131a – Proposed Agenda

March 12, 2008

Masters Group Project

Meeting – 11/03/2008 – 14:00 – Library room 131a


Proposed Agenda:


  1. Agree agenda
  2. Teaser Trailer presentation
  3. Branding/advertising materials presentation
  4. Artist liaison presentation
  5. Final presentation spec presentation
  6. Milestone 1 presentation planning
  7. Any other business
  8. Ratify minutes
  9. Next meeting

Feedback from product proposal

February 27, 2008

Dear All,

Many thanks for your proposals, based on your ideas we would like you to develop a product that meets the following requirements:

1 – A product which showcases the talent of local bands and performing artists.
2 – Including one interactive element/game.
3 – Is branded as an identifiable product for the Big Screen, Leeds.
4 – That includes a series of marketing materials for promotion (e.g. Video teasers / email mailouts / web banner adverts etc
5 – Produces at least 5 media components that comprise of the delivered product (e.g. Video content / 3D content / Audio content / Interactivity / Images)

For the Milestone One presentation the client expects (minimum expectation).

– A polished 30 second teaser which can be used to advertise the Big Screen product being developed.
– All finalised branding materials including logos and text designs etc.
– A list of local bands or artists that have been contacted and plans for the gathering of materials and vox pop interviews (would be ideal to see some)
– A full list of roles being undertaken by each group member (consider working in sub groups on different components) with timescales and expectations.
– A full specification of what the client can expect to have delivered at the final presentation.

We are concerned that little progress is being made and that none of the submissions met the requirements of providing a one page overview of a product idea with clear indication of how the product was to be developed. None of the submissions had any reference to other examples of work which we were able to sample as tasters of what you were trying to develop. If these proposals had been destined for a professional market they would not have met the required standard. Please try and consider yourselves as a professional company and as such present any material in a professional manner.

We look forward to seeing the material on 12th March at the Milestone One presentation.

Simon & Richard.

Bouncing Balls with webcam interaction

February 19, 2008

This is a test of using colour tracked images from a usb webcam as a surface for the balls to bounce off, works ok, need to try it with frame comparrison instead. Ignore the stupid sticking to each other thing the balls do, I’m gonna fix that now:P

I was thinking maybe some sort of game where there is only one or two balls and you get points for keeping them from hitting the edge of the screen and they gradually speed up? Could work well I think.